Alright, need help. Putting a request out for book recommendations from people, as my strategic book reserves are running low. Fiction please, or are the usuals, but I'm an open minded fellow.


Honor Raconteur's Henri Davenforth series

M C Burnell's The Spider's Daughter

Casual's Beware of Chicken

Robyn Wideman's Wandering Cultivator

Mark Hayden's King's Watch

Rachel Neumeier's Tuyo

Erik Schubach's Elfed

Just off the top of my head. I'm forgetting some and leaving out a few on purpose. :)



That's a long list and it's entirely eclipsed by "Beware of chicken" - I'll take a gander. Thanks!


I read a LOT (over 240 books this year) and none of it is in the main stream :D

I find a lot of weird and a ton of fun.

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