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Earlier today my daughter was singing about "Minnesotan Ninja Turtles" and I regret having corrected her

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Things my daughter shouted while running through the room :

"I'm looking for prey!"

Either we've done something right here or very wrong.

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RT @JoyceWhiteVance
Iranian authorities now concede that months of poison attacks on hundreds of schoolgirls are linked to efforts to prevent girls from getting an education. Until now, they've been downplaying the attacks, which are still characterized as minor.

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Good riddance, don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out, etc.

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SpainCo is back online. Not dead, just wasn't federated for a while because of an expired cert.

I'd thought the world felt a little too quiet there for a while - turns out it was just my own fault.

@joshbuddy agreed! Already read them, I'm afraid, but thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Haven't read The House in the Cerulean Sea though - I'll check it out.

Next time you're looking for a lighter fantasy read, check out Shadow of a Dead God by @patricksamphire, think you'll enjoy it.


Oh, heck, I didn't recognize your name immediately - I've read a whole pile of your 'Share' books as well. Thanks for writing them!


That's a long list and it's entirely eclipsed by "Beware of chicken" - I'll take a gander. Thanks!


Thanks! From your list I grabbed A Darker Shade of Magic and will check it out. I appreciate the recommendations! @dianeduane

Cherryh also a personal favorite - haven't read that particular series but hugely enjoyed the Alliance/Union books back in the day - I'll snag the first of these as well, thanks for the tip @dianeduane

Thanks for the recommendation! Not normally in the YA target market but happy to check it out - was looking for something outside my usual rut.

(If it ends up not being my cup of tea, my better half is a pretty reliable YA fantasy junkie)

First 4-5 things I get recommended, I'll buy and read, no questions asked (If don't have them already.)

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Alright, need help. Putting a request out for book recommendations from people, as my strategic book reserves are running low. Fiction please, or are the usuals, but I'm an open minded fellow.

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